Innovations and Projects

  • Innovations and Projects

    Innovations and Projects

    Prokotip networks and empowers the development of innovative ideas that will help recognise the needs of the users, create new and sustainable solutions and help in realisation of the product/service from the idea to the market.

  • Innovations and Projects

    Innovations and Projects

    We believe that the use of the innovation methods, by bringing back the customer at the centre, a little bit of self-assurance and an easier access to the funding can trigger and drive the Croatian companies forward.

Are you focused on clients and their ideas? Do you want to design an individual experience? Is the market awaiting your potential? Our project development team builds directions and criteria that are basis for the development of new business opportunities. We are here for you.




Design thinking

We practice innovation methods, which bring back the user at the centre, so the organisations can be agile in meeting the market expectations. Design thinking method has proven successful in finding the best solutions, new innovative products, or services. We spend all 5 phases of the innovative cycle with the client and collaborate on implementing the prototypes and prototype testing, so we can have real market feedback from final user/buyer.

Discovering strategic partners

By access to financing, we collaborate in creating a new ecosystem for entrepreneurs by means of investor counselling. We connect start-ups and innovators with the investors.

Implementation of “go to market” strategies

We work together in creating and articulating marketing strategies, helping commercialise a new product and enable the structuring of the first steps.

Concept development

We start by recognising, distinguishing the needs of our society and the world. The concept of a new product comes out of the need to fulfil these needs or solve the problems. We build the concept by using many tools, in cooperation with universities or with other designers and innovators.



Together with us,with your contribution, you can be part of a long term success for the companies that have growth potential.

  • You increase the company's market value
  • You participate in the commercialization process
  • We ensure your investment with transparent goals
  • Through "core business" we provide special credits for you


Prokotip team

dipl.oec. Nikolina Topić, MBA CEO nikolina.topic@prokotip.eu Business design certifikat by IDEO
mag.comm. Carmen Calvo del Valle, MBA Project Manager carmen.calvo@prokotip.eu Design Thinking certificate by IDEO
dipl.oec. Antun Paradžik, MBA Design researcher antun.paradzik@prokotip.eu Service Design certificate by IDEO
mag.oec. Matko Šestan Business Development Manager matko.sestan@prokotip.eu Designing for Change cetrificate by IDEO
Damjan Raić Consultant, partner


Who we are?

Prokotip is an innovation management company committed to creating positive impact. 
We are a community of innovators, starters, investors and consulters who believe that innovation starts with the people. 
We aim to create solutions that address our world's biggest challenges starting with our own environment. 


What we do?

We promote innovation as a way of exceeding customers' expectations. 
Start-up consulting by empowering the people who drive it, commercializing innovative and human-centered products and services that have positive impact in communities, cities and the overall benefit. 
Investor consulting by discovering common businesses, ideas and projects that are good for "people, planet and profit". 
Product process development and product strategy that covers the complete process of bringing a new product (tangible or intangible) to the market, from the idea to a real business impact.
We discover and bring to reality smart things which solve real needs and are loved by people.

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